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beyond the canyon

Unearth the secrets of Valle Colca with our selection of fully customisable journeys. Experiences include high altitude trekking, delving into ancient plant wisdom with a natural herbalist, soaking in the thermal baths of Uyo Uyo, visiting some of the best textile weavers in the Andes, and more. Ranging from a few hours to full-day guided explorations, no two journeys to Valle Colca are the same.



We offer multiple excursion routes to the west, north, or east, in varying durations, as well as shorter activities around the tented camp. At PUQIO, a guests exploration will vary depending on their preferences, however the main highlights are the following:

PUQIO 7.jpg

GeYser & alto puqio

Explore a volcanic geyser and experience its water and steam eruptions up close. Then, enjoy an andean picnic lunch in peaceful silence.

PUQIO 75.jpg


A pre-Inca fortress at 3,262 m above sea level that offers views of the canyon and the opportunity to see condors flying from above.

PUQIO 93.jpg

Sibayo & canocota

Discover a picturesque Andean village that seems to be stuck in time and take an exploratory walk along the Colca river.

PUQIO AP 2024 62.jpg

Q’oriwayra VIEWPOINT

An exploration of fields, viewpoints, and reservoirs to enjoy the best views of the Colca Valley, either on foot or horseback.


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