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Deep in the heart of the Colca Valley, PUQIO turns back to nature. Fuming volcanoes, sweeping grasslands, and untrodden pathways await daily exploration. Clay oven and open flame meals that feature raw Andean flavours and traditions. At night, rustic elegance rejuvenates body and spirit of the experienced traveller. Tented accommodations harken back to childhood yearnings, reawakening an instinct to explore.

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Three distinct room categories–Pirca, Carpa, and Carpa Refugio–offering alternative ways to experience the valley with distinct views of the surrounding terrain.

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Discover the Colca Valley, beyond the Canyon. Access untrodden pathways, soaring condors, and get back to nature with the gentle guidance of hand-selected artisans, naturalists, and local experts.

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A ceramic pot over an open fire, the steam of a hearty stew billowing into the breeze. Hand-crafted corn bread, fresh cheese, and a sip of Chicha. The flavours of the land are the root of our dishes.

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